My name is Vincent and I am not a stereotypical car dealer. I am a passionate, knowledgeable, bordering on fanatical car enthusiast who runs various successful businesses with my wife. Over the last few years I have built up my own private collection of high performance supercars and prestige marques. Whilst putting my collection together I came across some of the best and worst dealers in the industry. These experiences, together with my enthusiasm and passion for beautiful cars, drove me to start my own private supply of quality vehicles. Using long standing contacts in the top end motor industry I am able to provide great cars to clients at great prices. I am not interested in pressure selling, or adding numerous unwanted products to a car, just provide great vehicles in a relaxed non pressured environment.


I hand pick each vehicle from main dealer networks applying my own strict criteria. I concentrate on one or two cars at a time which is unusal in the motor industry. A pet hate of mine was calling about a car and the salesman having to search through a list to find the car I was interested in. Unlike other dealers, I dont just talk great cars, I own them, drive them and love them, so clients can take comfort knowing that I talk from experience, not from a book. 


Most clients who contact us know what they want and have researched the cars we sell, however if you have only dreamt of owning cars like these and need to understand more about each car we sell, we will take great pleasure in spending time explaining each car in detail. Getting the right car to match your dream is the first step and selling the right car to the right person is more important than just a sale. 


Our aim is to treat clients how I like to be treated myself. Buying a car is an exciting experience and one that should be enjoyed from start to finish. The best endorsement I can give is we only ever sell cars that I would be proud to call my own.