The New Aston Martin DB11

Remember the excitement when the Aston Martin DB9 was first announced? Ultimately the first cars struggled to match the hype but careful evolution has eventually realised the DB9's potential. Now nearly 12 years after the DB9 was first seen at the Frankfurt show we have a preview of the car's successor.

The DB11 (remember the DB10 is 007's new Aston) is expected in 2017 so there's still a little while to wait for official details and pictures. However, these test images do reveal something about the car's appearance. And what's an Aston story without some discussion of how it looks?

Compared to a DB9, there's a much lower roofline and more pronounced rear haunches - hopefully not a trick of the disguise as it makes the '11 look far more purposeful than the '9. Note as well a much shorter front overhang which contributes to a much more compact look than a DB9. From the front, there are familiar Aston cues in the grille and bonnet vents but it remains heavily disguised. We watch with eager interest!

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