The M3 is a masterpiece of engineering and has both looks and sound to equal its German engineering. There are plenty around as they are a popular sports car, we make no secret of that, however ours was owned previously by a retired police pursuit driver. This car has been meticulously looked after, valeted regularly, and maintained perfectly. The previous owner loved the sound of the V8 so much he spent nearly £2k having a stainless steel, remote control quad exhaust system made and fitted. The sound is literally breath taking and whilst we have many lovely sounding cars in the showroom, this M3 takes the prize for the best. Together with this the car benefits from a Viper perimeter alarm to protect it from over zealous admirers. To add a special personal touch the car has a M3 private plate included in the sale. 


 If you are looking for an M3 this one is worth viewingt, we believe it to be one of the best on the market without any doubt. 

BMW M3 Convertible

Pros: Thrilling V8 power; sounds like a German Ferrari; better-than-you handling; comfortable ride; excellent high-speed cruiser

Cons: This is probably the current M3's last year of production

Think of the 2012 BMW M3 as a greatest-hits compilation from BMW's past and present. Like every M car before it, the M3 is powered by a high-revving normally aspirated engine designed expressly to put grins on drivers' faces.  First and foremost, the M3 is a focused tool for drivers.

Unlike the more elemental M cars of yesteryear, however, this one is also a bona fide grand tourer. You can load it up with all of BMW's latest technology if you want, including a dual-clutch automated manual transmission and, yes, a wide-screen iDrive display with features galore. Cruising down the highway, the quiet, supple M3 does a convincing impression of a luxury coupe. It's a fully modernized BMW with the soul of a sports car.

But here's the thing-the current M3 is actually the last of its breed. All of the other M cars now are turbocharged, and the next M3 will be, too, not to mention packed to the gills with high-tech knickknacks. M cars will continue to be insanely fast and capable, but there will be no more purpose-built engines with 8,000-rpm redlines, no more single-minded focus on driving excellence. Like the best greatest-hits compilations, the 2012 BMW M3 is a treasure, but it leaves us worried that the music's never going to be quite this good again.

The rear-wheel-drive M3 is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 rated at 414 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The default transmission is a six-speed manual. This engine and transmission tandem is among the most satisfying at any price; the slick manual shifter and the screaming 8,400-rpm redline are a perfect match. If you don't want to work a clutch in traffic, there's also a seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual, which works almost flawlessly and serves up racy rev-matched downshifts.

Driving Impressions

The M3 is the rare car that's so capable, it's a little frightening. If you've got a favorite back road with familiar curves, prepare to dispatch them with unprecedented ease. With its laser-precise steering, robust brakes, and seemingly endless grip, the M3 is unflappable. That makes the M3's civility during normal driving all the more remarkable. The convertible does exhibit some cowl shake over bumps, and it's generally a little less composed than its fixed-roof sibling, but unless you're a professional racing driver, that's splitting hairs. The M3 is more at home in a wider range of scenarios than perhaps any other car on the market.

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