We search high and low for the very best cars available on the second hand market. Whilst we appreciate there are many Range Rovers on the market, ours took some finding. In SE form the car has many extras however we believe Range Rovers are about a driving experience therefore every extra should be included. Our car has an incredibly long list of extras which make driving this car an absolute dream. I have personally owned Range Rovers for many years and I believe Land Rover have improved their quality beyond all recognition. Our car simply wafts along the road looking down on everything else in its path. The V6 is slightly under powered in my opinion and the Supercharged V8 whilst a great engine, is uneconomical and doesn't fully justify its price tag above the Diesel V8.

The true King of the road, and anther stunning car for the showroom. 



It’s hard to match the feelgood factor of wafting around in the new Range Rover SDV8. It’s quick, comfortable, classy and capable. The Audi Q7 and Mercedes GL might have the stature but they can’t eclipse the SDV8’s performance and can’t come close to its imperiousness; a BMW X5 4.0d demolishes this Rangie on economy, acceleration and top speed but it feels Championship division compared with the Champions League. The Range Rover’s list of acolytes should grow ever longer. It remains peerless, the iconic luxury 4x4.



CAR Magazine 




One of the most stunning examples of Land Rovers Majestic Range Rover. A truly stunning car, for the discerning driver.


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