We make no secret of the fact we are passionate about super cars and sports cars, the most notable and popular being the Porsche 911 in any format. Those of you that know and love 911's will be very familiar with the Intermediate Shaft Bearing issues that plagued Porsche for many years, an issue that was not completely rectified until August 2008. We therefore tread carefully with older cars as we understand the heartache and financial headache involved with an IMS issue. When this 996 came to us as a p/ex car we quickly saw its potential and realised what a unique car it was. This 996 has been pampered by enthusiasts that gave it the attention it deserved. The car has had not only the IMS bearing replaced to avoid the issue, but also had a full bare metal respray at a cost of over £ 4,000 making it truly stunning. The split rim allows have been re-worked at a cost of £ 800 and an interesting addition of a GT3 rear tail, colour coded in blue to match the wheels, door mirrors, and roof bars. This is all compliented by the Metropole blue interior. The car has covered 97,000 miles but those of us that know Porsche's will know this is small potatoes for that amazing flat 6 engine and the build quality of this car. The all important maintenance records are impressive in themselves, many invoices going back through the cars history, stacks of MOT's, stamp after stamp from Porsche main dealers and Porsche Independant Specialists make this 996 one of the true stand out cars on the market today. The car drives beautifully, and we are proud to have her in the showroom. Whilst the car is priced as an entry level 911 the car is far from entry level, this is one of the finest 996's we have come across. If you are looking for a top quality 996 with a unique look, look no further. 


The 996 generation of Porsche 911 is one of the most seminal models in this car's development. While the purists huffed at the switch from air cooling to water cooling for the flat-six engine, this change guaranteed the 911 a future in a world where emissions and noise regulations simply made an air-cooled engine an anachronism.

996 first seen at the 1997 Frankfurt show 996 first seen at the 1997 Frankfurt show what Porsche came up with in when it unveiled the new 996 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1997 was a car with the same silhouette but it was 190 mm longer. There was also a lot in common with the Boxster from the A-pillar forwards.

However, the engine remained out at the back, but the water cooled. water cooling allowed 3.4-litre unit produced 300hp. Four valves per cylinder were standard and a first for a mainstream 911 model, while power was delivered via a six-speed manual or five-speed Tiptronic auto gearbox.

In its original state, the 996 was good for 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds and 174mph, enough to keep it in the hunt against more expensive and exotic rivals.

A wonderfully nimble car and utterly faultless.





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