We make no secret that Porsche ranks as one of the highest of our all time favourite cars. The German quality, the look, the sound, the drive, all of these factors make the Porsche experience, one of the best on the road. The 911 in all formats is an inspiring machine, and the 997 is certainly no exception. This Carrera 4S has the benefit of the amazing all wheel drive system, reminiscent of the Turbo, but without the lag. This model is without doubt one of the finest, most beautiful examples we have had the pleasure of having in our showroom. Presented in stunning Lapis Blue with dark grey interior, this car is simply stunning. When the car was originally ordered, the owner decided to add every extra, including Sports Chrono pack, Sports seats, Phone prep, sat nav, sunroof, alcantara headlining and ceramic brakes, adding substantial value to the car. The service history shows how well the car has been looked after together with a recent clutch change at Porsche Leicester. This is by no means the cheapest 997 C4S on the market but this one is special. We believe this car will be a solid investment for a new owner with the price of wide bodied normally aspirated 997's on the increase, this car is a great model to add to a collection or use as a daily vehicle. 

Carrera 4S

The best thing about the Porsche 911 Carrera is that it’s simply the best sports car you can buy and realistically use as daily transportation. All the compromises built into the 911 to please the well-attended church that worships it simply don’t matter – the moment the flat-six hums to life (and it does hum) this car is charged with mechanical charisma and positive male essence. But it’s built like a 3075-pound beryllium atom, its nose doesn’t scrape going up steep driveways, and those rear seats may be useless for carrying people but they’re perfect buckets for holding gym or grocery bags.


There simply isn’t a better steering car on Earth. The variable ratio rack-and-pinion in the 997 is precise and communicative without being heavy; it works great at speed and just as well during parking maneuvers. Porsche has tamed the weight bias so effectively that the off-throttle oversteer that marked earlier 911s can only be induced by turning off the outstanding Porsche Stability Management (PSM) system, running the car up to some insane velocity and then downshifting from sixth to second.

As sweet natured as the 997 is, the purists will still point to the air-cooled 911s as the “real” 911. It’s tough to say they’re wrong. The 997 is the best Porsche ever, but it doesn’t feel directly analogous to the rear-engine Porsches of the past. It’s the successor to those cars in a way the 996 was not – a true leap beyond them.

It is its own unique and great thing. Maybe it deserves its own name.




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